European Journal of Anatomy

Official Journal of The Spanish Society of Anatomy
Cover Volume 3 - Number 1
Eur J Anat, 3 (1): 7-11 (1999)

Quantitative study of elastin in human arteries with a high level of tortuosness

Ortiz P.P., Whyte J., Lamaziere J.M.D., Torres A., Diaz P., Sarrat R.

Departamento de Morfologia, Universidad de Las Palmas G.C., Apdo. correos 550, 35080 Las Palma G.C., Spain

ABSTRACT The present study analysed 63 human arteries of similar tortuousness taken from uterine, splenic, superficial temporal, lingual and facial arteries. We considered morphometric aspects related to intimal disease (Intimal Thickening Index and Elastolyse Index) and elastin concentration in the medial and intimal layers and thickenings. Although their elastin concentrations were similar, different groups were detected when we compared the indices. We postulate the histological organisation presented and the involvement of other elements such as the hemodynamical variations in blood flow and the production of matrix extracellular substances are significant elements which will be assessed in future investigations.

Keywords: elastin, adult, artery, artery intima, artery intima proliferation, artery media, article, controlled study, elastolysis, face, hemodynamics, human, human tissue, morphometrics, spleen artery, superficial temporal artery, tongue, uterine artery

European Journal of anatomy
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