European Journal of Anatomy

Official Journal of The Spanish Society of Anatomy
Cover Volume 24 - Number 1
Eur J Anat, 24 (1): 75-78 (2020)

ďAll models are wrong, but some are usefulĒ: On the non-bayesianstatistical robustness of Hiltonís law

Ahmed Al-Imam1,2, Ashok Sahai3,4, Aida R. Al-Derzi5, Ali Al-Shalchy6,7, Fadia Abdullah8

1Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq2CERVO Brain Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine, University of Laval, Canada3Faculty of Integrated Medicine, Deemed University, Dayalbagh, Agra, India4Federative International Programme of Anatomical Terminology, International Federation of Associations of Anato-mists (IFAA), United States5Department of Microbiology, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq6Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Iraq7The Royal College of Surgeons, United Kingdom8Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, University of Baghdad, Iraq

ABSTRACT Dear Editor,We shall discuss the possibility of a deficit in con-nection to the renowned Hiltonís Law endorsed by the esteemed fellow of the Royal College of Sur-geons, Dr. John Hilton. Hiltonís keen observation and assumption on the innervation patterns of joints remained unchallenged since the 19th centu-ry. Almost 150 years after, we propose putting Hil-tonís Law into a rigor test based on concepts of Non-Bayesian models of statistical inference, pre-dictive analytics, and measures of statistical power and accuracy.


European Journal of anatomy
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